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  • . the organic artist

    What is art? Nature concentrated. -Honore de Balzac

    Recently I was so, so lucky to tag a long with my very dear friend, Aggelige, who…

  • life of a designer

    This is a beautiful movie I just came across about the life of an artist/designer.
    Milton Glaser is a graphic designer who has created…

  • happy face

    Merrik called me to see the happy face he had drawn for me on the chalkboard and there was Maliea climbing up the slide…

  • colorforms

    When I decided not to go to Disneyland because Merrik’s friend, Marley who we were going to go with is sick, then I decided…

  • gap: garden party

    Aggelige’s Garden Party was a grand success. Everyone had a fabulous time and many people took home her beautiful designs to add a little…

  • gap: village play

    We visited with Aggelige on the grass near the library today waiting for Merrik’s classes to start. Here are a few images of him…