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Our Kelly Peterson 46

Our cruising boat Indra is a Kelly Peterson 46 designed by Doug Peterson. Peterson was a racing designer, and the KP skeg hung rudder and long fin keel are fast. Her design includes a low profile trunk cabin and sleek fast look. Her bow has a moderate rake leading a clean entry. Her beefy two spreader cutter rig has more than 1000 square feet of sail area. She is well built by Queen Long Yard in Taiwan. We have #24 out of 30 and she was built in 1987.

The name Indra comes from the most important deity in ancient Vedic Hinduism and the supreme deva (god) of the Rigveda scripture. Known as the god of storms and war, he controlled the weather, rain, thunder, and lightning.

Despite his exalted divinity, Indra is not a perfect being and is ascribed with more human characteristics and vices than any other Vedic deity, probably due to his human origins. For instance, when he is intoxicated with soma, Indra has a penchant for garrulous, drunken boasting.

In later tradition Indra is transformed from a worshipped god into a mythological figure involved in various, sometimes unflattering, adventures whilst gods such as Vishnu and Shiva replace him at the head of the Hindu pantheon. Nevertheless, Indra continued to be associated with storms, rain and the cardinal point East.