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kristianne koch riddle photography
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18 years together

20150102dayafternewyearday-4197 20150920tahititrip8448 kristiannekochriddle-3301 kristiannekochriddle-2372 20141126kristiannekochriddle-1818 20141012familyphoto7115 20140412kochriddle_kristianne-catalina0359 20140413kochriddle_kristianne-catalina0505 Jimathelm 00252_s_10aetw5j8l0367 kristianne koch riddle photographs 20131229kristiannekoch_catalina0105 20101212family_statebeachportrait009-2 kristiannekochportraits-44When I was thirty and had been running wild in the mountains of California, Colorado and Mexico, I really could not have imagined that some day I would be in a relationship with an awesome guy for 18 amazing years, married to him for 13 and have two beautiful children. I really hadn’t planned or dreamed of settling down that way at all when I was young. I love change, I love travel, I love to explore.

But, thank goodness I gave this ‘settled’ life a try even though I’m still not very domesticated, this has been my greatest accomplishment ever. Change, travel and exploration is really easy when you’re by yourself and you have nobody else to answer to. But to do all of this with a family takes it to another level and it is my wildest dream to keep balancing adventure and domesticity with my husband and kids for a very long time.

This week I am celebrating the many wonderful years I’ve spent keeping up with this guy—Jim: aesthete, swimmer, sailor, surfer, intellectual, purist, connoisseur and a lot of other things I am not. He sets the bar very high yet he is down to earth and selfless. It has been a wild ride right here in San Clemente for the past 13 years with my amazing husband so I am honoring our anniversary all week to show how much I cherish our commitment to each other and to our family.


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