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kristianne koch riddle photography
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Riddlecrew summer roadtrip


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At the eleventh hour we decided to take a long road trip to the Central California Coast. Well, maybe not long for others but long for us. Our longest road trip as a family was in a motorhome several years ago. We drove to Durango and back. But our typical road trips are no more than 3 hours. The kids are more practiced at getting along and finding things to do on the boat while we travel from San Diego to Dana Point to Catalina and back.

But this was a fun trip and we saw new things and went to places we’ve never been. I really enjoyed passing through Paso Robles, Cambria and Mussel Shoals and could have spent another full day each in Monterey and Big Sur. The drive along the coast in Big Sur was phenomenal. We stopped at every pullout and took in the sights. It was jam packed with tourists like us but many of them were in so much of a hurry that they didn’t notice the hundreds of whales spouting, breaching and flipping their tails just off the coast. The Big Sur River was a great experience for the kids because we had to boulder up along the edge of the river to reach the gorge where the water was deeper. We also spent some time exploring the tide pools and rocky coast north of Moonstone Beach in Cambria. We stayed at the Cambria Pines Lodge and ran into another family from San Clemente there. What serendipity was that!

It was a great reminder of how beautiful the state that we live in is and that you can find a mountain experience near the ocean and that I really prefer to travel by boat. But it was a huge improvement to traveling by airplane which I have been doing a lot lately!!


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