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kristianne koch riddle photography
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brand refresh

I spent the last 4 months working with two talented professionals at Wonderful Machine to update my commercial photography site and brand identity. It has been the most wonderful experience for me and definitely a milestone. I have always been resistant to hiring a consultant to help me with anything because my husband specializes in branding and design. But after years of not being able to connect with him due to busy schedules and his need to not talk about anything work related while at home, I finally decided it was time to find someone else to do it. I needed to force myself to take on a unique identity that I can’t change willy nilly like I always do. I know just enough about design to be dangerous. I have finally learned to leave it up to the professionals and am glad I chose to work with Wonderful Machine.

Morgan Kazanjian helped me work through my website edit. I culled images from all over my archives to share with her. It was exciting to get feedback and confirmation on my lifestyle and travel galleries. However, it was her idea for me to add the kids gallery and I am so thrilled with the images she selected. The entire process was a bit troubling at first. It was hard to see some of my favorite artsy images fall out of the edit but in the end the process of letting go has really helped me clarify my vision for my commercial photography brand. I don’t want to be one of those photographers who falls prey to the trend of the commercial advertising’s lure for over-processed images. I believe remaining authentic and fresh in my approach will catch the eye of the type of creative directors and art buyers that I would want to work with.

Once I was finished fine tuning my galleries for my website I was able to concentrate on my word mark. I worked with Melissa Ginsiorsky-who just completed the new brand identity and website for Wonderful Machine-in creating a casual and fresh yet serious and capable feeling brand. Several friends were taken aback by the design of my new word mark but I had to remind them that I had been hiding behind a boring and simple logo for years. I felt like I looked like everyone else out there-grey sans serif all caps. I have a very scripty signature that I “designed” when I was learning cursive in school many years ago so it really speaks to my personal style. Yes, the images should speak for themselves but the brand should also support the photographer’s style and vision.

I finally completed the decision making process that was at times very unsettling and difficult for me. It’s hard to step back and take a look at who you are and what you’ve been doing for 25+ years. I am excited to share my new site and looking forward to getting my new brand out into the world. Be sure to stop by for a visit and please do share with anyone you know who needs photography for their business marketing and advertising. www.kristiannekochriddle.com

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Lifestyle and fine art photographer specializing in kids, portraits, lifestyle, and travel for print and web.