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family history

fine art photography

I am so grateful to be rediscovering a family history that I knew was there but couldn’t fully appreciate until now. I am blessed to have been born into a family of talented photographers.

I’ve felt that being creative has been a struggle my entire life even though it was my path-my destiny-laid out by my parents, not by natural talent. They encouraged me and supported me in every artistic endeavor I’ve ever had.

I love science and what initially drew me to photography was the science, not the art. The chemistry, the mystery, the technical knowledge that it takes to make something special. As a photographer I am also an archeologist, a chemist, a biologist, a social scientist-an observer of the world-while taking into consideration the history of life.

Now I know that I was born from talent. Recently revisiting old slides taken by my dad and my grandfather on my mom’s side has made me aware of how similar our styles of seeing are. It’s really an interesting journey to be a part of.

Am I seeing them the way they saw them or am I just seeing their work in my own vision?

How much of me has already been there all along waiting for me to get out of the way of myself-to just let me be?

The below photograph was scanned from a slide I found many, many years ago when I went through my Pop-pop’s photographs from his world travels. This one was taken in Bali. It’s always been one of my favorite images ever. I still have carousels of his slides to go through and am looking forward to that time of discovery.

fine art photography


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    Dawn Shiree

    June 28, 2013

    Very cool!! My grandfather on my mother’s side was a passionate semi-professional photographer and I’ll never forget the pictures he sent us after we visited him the one an only time that we did. I loved those photographs and the way he saw us was very sentimental, you could tell. Those photographs were very special. I have not had the nerve to ask where his negatives are or for the gear he left behind that I’m confident is collecting dust. But one day I might! Lots of people in my family were avid snapshot photographers and I have always said the only keepsake I want anyone to leave me in their will is our family snapshots… and I’m serious! I love snapshots to this day and find that there is s so much life in them that their technical imperfections are barely noticeable to me. I’ve given a lot of thought to how all those years of treasuring every photographic print I could get my hands on has shaped me… it definitely has! Love that you are finding how your journey merges with others who have gone before you with a camera in hand… so very interesting and important. <3