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seeing the light, day by day

 A sketch for the series “Girlie Girl”


Trip to  Colorado to see my work in the exhibit at The Center for Fine Art Photography

A sketch for the series “Girlie Girl”

A collaboration between me and my daughter. Fishing boats on the water just off the coast with her dancing on our patio while holding a flashlight.

The view from our hotel room on my 10 year anniversary with my soul mate.

Walking around downtown San Diego shooting ‘from the hip.’

Self portrait with my kids on 8 year old Polaroid 55 in the 4×5 camera

Tiki on Fuji FP 100C


Maliea on Fuji FP 3000B. All sketches for the series “Girlie Girl”

My 5 year old model on set at the advertising shoot for CHOC campaign.

Balboa pier-on set at the advertising shoot for CHOC campaign.

Cousins dancing-Thanksgiving Day – A sketch for the series “Girlie Girl”

Sketches for a series “If I Had A Brother”

Maliea on Fuji FP 100C

Sketch for the series “If I Had A Brother”

A sketch for the series “Girlie Girl”

Accidental diptych on Polaroid 55. “The Coming”

Self portrait on Polaroid 55 on the 4×5. New cowl neck warmer gift from my dear friend Jen.

This past July I attended the Soul Shooting workshop where Molly Flanagan, Kellie Hatcher, Sarah Robertson and Rosina Waszaj brought together a wonderful group of photographers all looking to connect with other like minded artists. It was a brief yet life changing day for all of us and we continue to grow, support and share with each other in so many different ways. The process that the four pioneers shared with us revealed a path for me that has since help resolve a very stuck feeling around my personal work. I am finally taking steps toward making images that are closer to my heart and finding the supportive, honest and real people I have been longing for in my profession for almost 25 years.

I spent many, many years after graduation with my BFA in Photography trying to fit into a highly technical, controlled style of work that I thought was necessary to make a living in the commercial world. This outdated mode of thinking caused my process to feel like a broken record for years as I produced technically exacting photographs which left me missing the beauty of anomaly that attracted me to photography in the first place.

The focus of Soul Shooting is to shoot from your heart allowing yourself to make images that feel. I have been working on loosening up my work with my digital camera but the process is still so controlled and insipid that I do everything possible to break out of that “I see I got the shot” mode when I am making personal work. Otherwise, there is no intuition and no magic. (Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic that digital has arrived so that I can continue to provide commercial clients with photography more cost effective and efficiently on a day to day basis!).

The most recent assignment for us Soul Shooters was to make a photograph every day for a month-looking for light, compelling subjects and a way to express yourself in the direction of your dreams. So, I hoped to spend the month taking advantage of the opportunity to slow down and use my 4×5 camera on a regular basis. However, much of my November was spent at high pace traveling to a fine art photography exhibit that my work was juried into, out of town for my anniversary or on long days at commercial jobs so lugging the 4×5 along with me wasn’t always ideal. But, I was able to start making sketches of ideas I have for some fine art projects using my Polaroid 220 Land Camera and my 4×5 view camera at home. My new personal work is about a cohesive idea not just making pictures that look like everyone else’s pretty pictures. I hadn’t realized how mushy my brain had become until I started to work at ideas again.

Most of the time I forgot that I was supposed to be shooting for this assignment and just let my mood determine subject, light and equipment. My (almost) 30 days of images were created on a mix of Fuji FP100C, FP 3000B, Polaroid 55 and digital. The entire time I was doing this project I was fully engaged in a The Next workshop with Aline Smithson which has also contributed to a shift in relationship between me and my work. November was a very special month as I began to bare witness to several big goals I set in July at the Soul Shooting workshop actually unfold in front of me.

Don’t miss out on what all the other talented photographers in the Soul Shooting group created during their November. Next stop—-> rosina w photography | story telling


Lifestyle and fine art photographer specializing in kids, portraits, lifestyle, and travel for print and web.


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    January 2, 2013

    Maliea on Fuji FP 100C – hauntingly beautiful – wow