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.my pop-pop

large format portrait photography


Early student work from 1988. Character portraits.
I took these photographs of my grandfather in his home with my Hasselblad and Kodak Plus-X film using a single hot light.

My Pop-pop: I photographed him in his home with my Omega View 4×5 camera and Kodak Tri-X 400. ca 1988.

One hundred and five years ago this week (on August 20), my grandfather came into this world. Even though he is no longer with us, he continues to inspire the entire family with his adventurous and artistic spirit. I definitely derive a lot of my personality, talent and eccentricities directly from him. I am so blessed to be a part of the family that I am.

No matter how frustrated I get with not being at the cutting edge of photography and my work not getting the recognition of my peers, I think of my grandfather. He was an amazing artist and adventurer and often didn’t get the recognition he deserved yet he continued to be a prolific, enthusiastic and passionate artist. I know that his spirit is what it’s all about so I continue to plug along with what I believe in.

He brought his family to Los Angeles from Lincoln, Nebraska to start a new life of travel and art. He started El Camino Travel which is the business my parents still have today sending thousands of adventurers to hundreds of countries around the globe. His vision and his passion for the art of travel is unsurpassed. His eye for design and art balanced out his amazing life of travel. When he was in between trips to the Khyber Pass, China or Africa, he would create unique window displays with his amazing airbrush art. He collected thousands of travel posters which I have taken under my wing and hope to eventually distribute back out into the world so people can enjoy them.

I have yet to go through all his worldly travel photographs to discover his true artistic gems. This is definitely on my bucket list.

I am so proud of who he is and what he has given me in my life.


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    Traci Lehman

    August 25, 2012

    Hi. Lovely photos and he sounds like a wonderful person! I remember El Camino Travel. 😉 A funny thing, my grandfather came to LA from Lincoln, Nebraska as well! He is about 15 years younger than your pop pop, but what if their families knew each other. 😉