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Just look at her now. Back in 2008 when Maliea was a baby, I found a cute line of girl’s dresses made out of upcycled Tshirts. The designer was Courtney Chu and I knew that she was creating something really unique and special. I tried to photograph Maliea in her new dress but she just wasn’t having it that day. She is still a challenge to photograph and you have to catch her in the right mood.

I had good intentions after that to send Courtney some of dad’s Tshirts to upcycle into dresses for my little girl but the years passed and life swept me up in all kinds of other things.

Three years later, I finally picked two Tshirts from big brother’s drawer that were favorites for a long time and that he had outgrown.

I didn’t want to give them away as they were sentimental. One is a shirt with a silkscreen on it that Dad designed for work and the other one Dad brought back from a surf trip to Namotu, Fiji.

I told Courtney what sleeve styles I wanted and what length to make each dress. I knew I wanted a warm weather one and a cold weather one and so far, Maliea has been able to wear them for all kinds of special moments:

putting on lotion—trying to ride her big brother’s bike—jumping off curbs—flirting with the boys—running on the beach—hiding in the bamboo

Courtney did a fantastic job coordinating other Tshirt fabric and adding special girlie details. I am surprised that Maliea loves these because she is such a girlie girl and loves her glitter and sparkles. But these dresses are so comfortable, I think she forgets about all that fluff and just enjoys herself while playing in them.

If you love these dresses as much as I do, you will have to sign up to receive Courtney’s current inventory list here. Act fast, they don’t last!