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kristianne koch riddle photography
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. rediscovery of a time gone by

I recently stepped back in time to where my heart has been all along. I pulled out my 4×5 camera, some expired Polaroid 52 film and started playing like I used to do years ago. It was 2004 the last time I used my 4×5 for a project and since packing up and putting away my darkroom to greet the new baby and all his gear that was on it’s way, I haven’t touched it since.

I used to work with it all the time-commercial jobs, personal projects, editorial assignments. I love the slow process. I showed both Merrik and Maliea how to look through the ground glass and frame and focus your subject. I talked about how you set up the shot and then watch and wait for your subject to be right where you want them before you release the shutter. Merrik went through all the steps after I showed him and even took a picture of me-directing me through his image making.

The Polaroid film I used is at least 10 years old so it was hit and miss with each one I pulled. Each sheet exposed completely differently even though the light didn’t change so it was always a surprise what I was going to get. I love the texture on the surface of the film. It’s such a beautiful process. I felt so at peace after making these photographs.