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kristianne koch riddle photography
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. every moment matters


I recently worked on a wonderful commercial project for DGWB Advertising. I created still images for an animatic that they were using to illustrate an idea for a TV commercial to present to the Board of Directors for St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The story is about a woman who has recently been very ill and was just released from the hospital. She wakes up to hear a clatter of noise and voices in another part of her home.

She walks out to find her two young children making a huge mess in the kitchen. When they present her with a handmade card and fresh made pancakes, she knows deep in her heart that these are the moments that matter most.

I worked very closely with an Art Director for each image going over propping, angle and emotion. They hired me for the beautiful quality of light in my photography and wanted to see morning light streaming in in each shot.

It was all shot in my home with my kids since the budget was tight and they wanted to pay  me well for my time. The shoot went well (with a little bribery for my kids to perform) and the agency landed the account. You can’t beat that.


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    March 28, 2012

    k, this is soooo gorgeous! i love every little detail in your story. so well done!!