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. a marvelous march


We had a full March with lots of great memories and milestones. Every day I am getting better at balancing my commitments to family and work. It’s a constant trial and error and I have found that the more I put my family and our home first, the easier all the work commitments fall into place. I’m working more than ever and enjoying my family more than ever. Even though I overextend myself with the kids’ schools, I enjoy everything I am doing for them.

I spent many hours processing and publishing photographs for both Merrik and Maliea’s school yearbooks. It’s rewarding to contribute photography to both their schools that I love so much.

Merrik and Maliea both continue to improve and get more into swimming. They are excellent swim stroke students. Whenever I see them practicing their strokes I am reminded of the book The Beach: The History of Paradise on Earth which I read many years ago but still pick up once in awhile to leaf through it’s fun chapters. It’s such a great historical recollection of how a culture evolved at the water’s edge-including the ‘crawl!’

We had two birthday parties, a trip to the snow in our local Ortega foothills, silly antics and running laps at home while cooped up inside as the rain came pouring down, then we went outside and jumped in the puddles around our house, we went out to dinner with friends, took a trip to the harbor with NanaPapa, had a commercial photo shoot at our house where the kids just got to make a big ol’ mess in the kitchen cracking eggs and stirring the flour with no mistakes to be made. We went to Disneyland and out to breakfast on Sundays after church. All the little routines and visiting familiar places together mean so much more than anything else in my life.

And thank goodness for the iPhone which I use constantly to document our busy lives on the go. I am so happy I can still capture photographs of our fun times together without having to download, backup, edit, and process every time I want to add images to the archives.

I am so thrilled to do what I do for a living. I have always loved being a photographer and knew in my heart back in 1989 when I decided that it was what I was meant to be doing. I am constantly challenged professionally and personally and continue to learn new things from other photographers who have been studying photography for fewer years than I have. I am so fortunate to be able to journal my family’s experiences in this way.


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