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. a long awaited snowball fight


Merrik and Maliea have been dreaming of snowball fight for years. They have both been in the snow but it wasn’t very memorable. Maliea experienced it pre-memory and Merrik made muddy snowballs from a small patch of melting snow we tracked down with friends last year in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Our discovery of a hillside covered with a six inch depth of snow just minutes from our home was just what we had all been hoping for.

Jim and I are not fans of the big crowds that descend upon the local mountains to pay through the nose to sled, ski and snowboard. We really stay focused on our first loves: the ocean, sailing and surfing. So, when we found this quiet field of snow we were thrilled we didn’t have to drive for hours, pay hundreds of dollars and stand in line like the rest of Southern California. It was the perfect afternoon for us saltwater-goers.

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