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. february frenzy



Scenes from “The Picnic”



A collaboration with Jane Fulton Alt: outtake

Halfway through the year last year I decided I would much rather be compiling our family adventures month by month. I didn’t actually start the process until January 2012 and am so glad I did. It’s fun to see how we spend our time together month to month and so much more practical than getting the posts together as things happen. I have found myself much more engaged in my kids’ activities and I haven’t been able to keep up on the blog as much so the new method works for my busier schedule. I have so many photography related blog post ideas to share with clients and other inspired photographers that I think I need an assistant!

Our month was a bit of everything. Dad had to work way too much so we spent too many weekends without him. But when we did have time with him he was all in. It would have been a perfect month if dad was with us more. We always spend lots of time with extended family: aunts, uncles, grandparents are all close by. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aunt Cindy and Uncle Greg’s jacuzzi, Gorgonio Park, Casper’s Park and the infamous “Picnic” scene

The Aquarium of the Pacific and hanging out with Nana Papa.

At Gramma Grampa’s: puzzles, the park, pizza, downtown San Diego and the circus.

Ballet, Stroke and Conditioning at Ole Hanson Beach Club and the new pool, walking to school through the State Park.

Goofin off at home, making Valentine’s, steam showers, sunbathing, reading and baking cookies with dad.

A creative collaboration with Jane Fulton Alt: outtake.



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    February 29, 2012

    I know I say the same thing every time, but every time I say it, I mean it!! Beautiful as always. Not sure if I can pick favorites, but the jumping legs ‘picnic’ photo, M’s tear and the head shots of both near the beginning are all to die for. You’re so good at what you do. Good doesn’t even cover it. Great, amazing, awesome……those are better.