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kristianne koch riddle photography
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bringing art to life

I have been inspired for years by my son’s creative imagination and artwork. I’ve recently been spending more time archiving it before it turns into an overwhelming project and trying to figure out the best way to display it and incorporate it into our home as decor. Recently he drew a monster on paper as a pattern that he wanted me to turn into a stuffed toy. He had a vision in his mind of what he wanted it to look like as a finished softie so he proceeded to make me a list of supplies: buttons, fabric, stuffing.

It was a process in which he handpicked the color of the fabric and each of the eight button eyes. I then sewed it all together to make an adorable toy. I’ve seen this amazingly creative idea on Pinterest where you can have someone make a soft toy inspired by your child’s artwork. I pinned it to my own “kids’ style” board to look into later. Being completely inspired by the way my son’s toy monster turned out, I finally took the time to check out the source of the idea and discovered Child’s Own Studio.

If you want your own child’s artwork softie, contact this talented artist or even better yet, try to make it yourself like I did!