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kristianne koch riddle photography
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.a window into my world

My photograph “Sealevel” from an exhibition at the Millenium Arts Center in Washington D.C.

Jim’s early self portrait paintings can be seen down the hall from the main living room.

Our pillows are art too. We bought these in Tahiti and cherish them as a special purchase and memory of our time there.

Merrik from the Center for Fine Art Photography’s Human + Being exhibit and two of my early fine art self portrait pieces
balance each other out in size and complexity.

Memorable snapshots of our sailing trip to Tahiti, the kids when they were young, Merrik’s first surf lesson, Maliea’s ultrasounds
and matching hand position once she was born plus one wedding photo grace our dressers in contemporary black frames.

Something great to come:
I want more structure here with less busy-ness on the dressers but time and
lack of financial commitment to it has kept me from doing anything yet. But,
I do have plenty of leads for wonderful ideas that I have pinned on my
Pinterest boards!

I’ve been thinking about our home interior a lot lately: the way it presents itself to me on a daily basis and the way it is for the kids as they become more aware of their environment. Both Merrik and Maliea are prolific ‘creators.’ Merrik makes things out of paper, fabric, cardboard. He reminds me so much of myself when I was young. I would spend hours “making things.” I want to capture this and display it all but his airplane turned X-wing fighter turned Wall-e costume, and now a groundhog hole and volcano-all made out of cardboard-are hard to keep forever. So, it is a challenge. I am thinking a mobile and display shelves will help with the 3D objects when I get there.

But flat art is different. I love having artwork around the house. I am working on displaying the kids’ paintings and drawings in their own room. Essentially all Jim and I had in our bedroom until the kids were born was our own artwork: my photography and Jim’s paintings and a few framed pictures of us together-sailing, our wedding day etc. Now I am starting to add photos of the kids that have been in exhibitions and other photographs of them as they grow.

I encourage you to go big. I have recently moved around some other art in the house-vintage travel posters, a Fijian navigation map made out of bamboo-to make room for large fine art prints of the kids. I also encourage you to mix painting, illustration and photography in your art displays. I love how they can balance each other so beautifully. Special family portraits and personal pieces of art created by a family member or from a memorable trip can help to express to your guests and remind yourself daily of how full your life is.