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photography is [waking beauty]


Dreams of a sleeping princess

by Oceansoul

Make a wish and dream a star
may this little princess see,
all the things she ever wants
her desires,written in the night
behind her eyes of perfect beauty
wandering trough her ever-dream
forevermore, little bright princess
make a wish and dream a star,
and the dream will never be afar


My little actress loves to play like she is asleep then rouse from her dreams. I am still coming to terms with the fact that my little girl is obsessed with princesses and that she really believes her prince will come for her. I am going to have to prepare myself for saying just the right things so that she won’t be disappointed later on without breaking the spell.

I never believed my prince would come. I couldn’t imagine relying on someone else to make me happy. Maliea is teaching me so many things about myself and another childhood world that exists.

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