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The last few months have been a whirlwind with no sense of significant direction. Family life has cast it’s spell on me even as I am still trying to make sense of the fact that I am a mother of two kids!! As I look back on photographs I never posted here on the blog and barely got around to editing and processing, I am reminded of all that we have done. I used to post just about every significant activity I did with the kids and it’s just become too much and in a different tone than what I have been shifting the blog to.

I have wonderful memories and lots of images of a busy family’s life activities: celebrating the kids’ birthdays, going to the park with friends, whale watching, discovering a new regional park, location scouting, a kindergarten musical, at the beach, sailing with friends and family in Coronado-twice, daily activities around town, chillin’ at home, Wild Animal Park with Aunt Karen, a field trip to the State Park, Easter, a camping trip, a hunt for snow in Big Bear, Mother’s Day, a First Communion, pool play at the California Grand Hotel, Farm Day at Concordia, a visit to the local farm.

I feel like I am letting family down by not sharing all the fun images from each of these outings yet to share all of it with other readers seems too much. Heck, Jim even asked why I didn’t have my camera at Merrik’s Open House the other night. I just take family life with my iPhone now.

It’s such a difficult balance for me to fine tune my professional presence and portfolio and still visually express my real life. The every day of what I do with the kids is exactly what I want to photograph for my clients and is exactly what I feel is very important to share with my clients as a professional yet I love to share how I have done this for clients and not just my own family. I think the most difficult thing to do is capture candid, real life photographs that are beautifully composed, well exposed and tell a story, yet so many people think that it’s easy to do.

The easy part is the posing-the stopping and saying “hold it right there” photographs. Those are the ones that proliferate on most professional photographer websites. The images that are natural, real and in the moment are the ones I cherish most in my own portfolio. These are the ones that I thrill in the making of. When the synergy of timing, lighting, emotion and design all come to one beautiful place together.



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    June 15, 2011

    Always love every image you post and love your thoughts too. What you’re saying is so, so true.

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    June 16, 2011

    You are a very, very, very Super Special Mom – So devoted to your family -Jim, Merrik and Maliea -and your beautiful art of photography- We are so proud of you and all you do. Especially delighted to be part of the family and able to share those beautiful babes–who are growing up much too fast.