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photography is [a boy and his bike]

So Merrik has recently mustered up the courage to try riding his bike without training wheels-again. He was ready to roll a year ago until he had a major wipeout on the hill at the end of our street. This time he’s trying a new technique of pushing off and peddling down a knoll of grass. He’s riding just fine without the training wheels but to ride on pavement is still a bit scary so a few runs and he’s happy to go back to sliding and climbing and swinging that come so easily.

His process reminds me so much of my own. I’ve spent a lifetime testing the waters as a professional photographer. In the past I would take on big commercial jobs with high hopes and not do as well as I had expected of myself or was completely bored by the process so I wouldn’t take on any new challenges. We are both very cautious and feel the need to master something even before we make any mistakes or fall completely flat on our face which is actually where the learning and growing and improving comes in. I get frustrated with him about it but then I remind myself that it’s exactly the same way I have operated my entire life. It’s so good for me to learn to love that about him-and myself.