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kristianne koch riddle photography
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photography is [going from baby to little girl in 120 photographs]

fine art photography

To my dearest little girl;

I am so amazed by your beauty-inside and out-every day. I swore I never wanted to have a little girl of my own because I know how hard it is to grow up as an emotional and sensitive being in this world.

I was wrong.
Completely naive.
To the wonderful gifts that you have given me.
To the amazing joy you bring me, your dad and especially your brother.
You are the spirit that lifts us all.
Without you we are but a family of three.
With you we are whole and balanced.
I love you.
I will probably never be able to express how much you mean to me.
For you to be in my life.
Is one of the greatest gifts and blessings I have every received.
Go and be your vibrant, carefree, peaceful, expressive self.
Go and show the world how beautiful a little girl, big girl and eventually, a woman can be.
I give you my blessing to be you.
Be your extraordinary self.

Happy Birthday Manna.


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    March 25, 2011

    Beautiful. Her beauty was evident even when she was in your belly because her beauty shown through you! Happy Birthday sweet darling girl!