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photography is [being true]

I have spent years judging my photographic work-and now, with a blog-what I have to say about photography. I have spent years trying to emulate other photographers’ work. When I was creating my commercial portfolio I was always looking to recreate the latest and greatest lighting set-ups as seen in CommArts or The Workbook. Since I was very interested in product photography, because it allowed for lots of control in the studio, I concentrated my energy on making photographs about things. That was back in the ’90s and photography back then was very much about the things in the photos. Now it’s more about the feeling that thing can give you. Thus the emergence of “lifestyle” photography.

Being back in the fold, I am once again inundated with blog feeds and facebook updates now by “pop culture” portrait photographers and I forget there are other amazing photographers (and not just portrait photographers I might add) out there out of the limelight whose work is just as worthy for attention. I have also decided to stop looking at and reading these other trendy photographer’s blogs so as to find my own way again.

Recently I have fallen prey to the same old temptation to want to emulate other photographer’s subject matter and blogging techniques to be more satisfied with my own and I have to remind myself that I need to continually practice to be true to myself in regards to my vision and my process. The vision I have and share in photographs is just as beautiful as all those other photographer’s visions whose “models” have the most stylish wardrobe, cutest props and coolest locations.

As for my blogging awareness, I am not an open book and prefer to keep some things sacred and to myself so it’s difficult for me to blog about private or emotional matters. I know this doesn’t make for interesting content so it’s just going to have to be. I have a difficult time thinking of subject matter and am constantly judging this idea and that so most of it never makes it here. It’s easy just to post photos. I do want to include other topics besides what we did this month and here’s the pics so I am going to try to spread my wings a little here.

As another favorite part of my process, I have recently been working with students again who want to learn more about photography-both technically and creatively. I’ve been asked by several if I am ever going to produce a workbook or guide of some sorts with my unique viewpoint. So, here’s my first tip that is going to be in the book: “Be true to yourself in every aspect of your process.”

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