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kristianne koch riddle photography
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photography is [a self portrait]

b&w child photography

For our Holiday cards back in December, I set up a family photograph at the local State Park while we were on a campout. Having forgotten my camera’s remote control, I ended up using the self-timer. Well, Maliea and Merrik thought this was the coolest thing since sliced toast.

Every time I released the shutter button and headed to stand in with my family, Maliea would bolt out of the frame and run off. This was a great game to her but so frustrating to me since the light I was in love with was going away very, very fast.

But, I got the image I wanted and now cherish it and Merrik and Maliea learned a new trick with my camera while we were at it.

When we got home the next night I set my camera on the tripod in their playroom to get it out of the way. I wanted to get some shots of them working at their new desks. Later, Merrik saw the camera set up and turned it on and asked to have it set on self-timer. He would press the shutter release and run in front of the camera, returning to check on his image.

After Merrik tired of it, Maliea gave it a shot. By this time the light was low and the shutter was slow. Each time she would sit on the stool and wait for the sound of the shutter to release but didn’t understand that it was a long exposure. So she would get up and run back to the camera to check her image before the shutter closed creating the ghosting.

She would check her portrait carefully after every exposure and adjust her pose with the bunny as she saw fit.