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photography is [the rhythm of life]

We’ve been really out of rhythm it seems for the last month or so-at least since we went camping in December. December was an amazing month where we spent time together as a family because Jim was on sabbatical. He dropped off and picked up Merrik from school, kept the house impeccably clean and helped with errands. When January came it was hard to get back to the grind.

We are usually in the mode of going to the beach at least once a week so Merrik can surf-especially when the weather is nice and in spite of all the chores. However, weeks of torrential rain storms and a deluge of health issues has kept us stressed out and hesitant to spring back into beach time action.

There are so many things that can become obstacles and excuses for not doing the things you love and that keep you happy. I get very caught up in the functions of my business and the production of new work, the organization of the home and the every day tasks of taking care of the kids. So when push comes to shove, most of the time I let all the other things fall by the wayside-especially the beach.

But, I do feel like it’s part of my job description to take the kids to the beach, meet up with friends and get out and enjoy life. It’s the message for our kids that means the most to us. Even though both Jim and I err on the side of workaholics, we still place a huge value on family time, play time and being outside near the water’s edge.

I remember when we returned from our sailing trip to French Polynesia and Hawaii how easy going we were about everything. I’d see someone worked up about the silliest thing-like not enough cheese on their sandwich and just sigh. I already had the rhythm of breathing and a stress free mindset switched to the on position. Now I have to check the switch and usually have to make an extra effort to turn it on. Thus the increased importance of taking time to keep in the rhythm of life and happiness.

The other day I finally allowed myself to let go of everything and head to the beach with the kids-in spite of the limited time we had, the heaviness of my inbox and the piling up of chores…and it was just what I needed to feel the rhythm of life again. Merrik loved throwing rocks into the sea and playing football with the boys and Maliea enjoyed dancing and running in the sand.

How do you get back on track toward enjoying the rhythm of life? I’d really love to hear!