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Anna Palma

©Anna Palma Photography

I was JUST turned onto this great article from Interior Design by Ghislaine VinasDeb Schwedhelm, who constantly blows my mind with her connections to good stuff and her inspiring perspective on life and photography, posted it on her Facebook page. She has the best blog going so you definitely don’t want to miss a post.

Ghislaine writes:

“I love using art to create a mood, to put a spin on things, be provocative, or put a smile on your face. I don’t like too much photography or too many paintings in one room, but rather like to mix things up with photography and paintings and sculpture all playing off each other.

The other thing that can become tricky, if not dealt with properly, is where to hang those family portraits. Very often these shots are really beautiful, but they are still family portraits and are kind of stiff and conservative.”

So, if you pick a photographer who doesn’t do stiff and conservative portraits, then you can have beautiful family portrait art on your walls!! It’s that simple. She goes on to show the work by Anna Palma whose work is absolutely phenomenal, quirky, real and distinct. It reminds me a lot of Deb’s work and I truly love it.