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photography is [vivian maier]

I recently came across this newly discovered work by Vivian Maier. Her story is still unfolding and the story of how her images are being revealed is like an archaeologist’s dream. Read more on the blog created by John Maloof. Another excellent resource in discovering more about Vivian Maier is Artsy’s page dedicated to the history of her work.

Although I have seen ‘street photography’ similar to hers before, I have fresh inspiration from her well composed, beautifully observant photographs. This is the type of work that originally excited me about photography. This is the type of work that I always imagined myself doing. I have since tried to mold my style to the demands of commercial and portrait photography to make a living. I love where my work is currently but it is so exciting to have a new inspiration outside the genre of today’s copycat styles of commercial and portrait work.

Here is some of my favorite work on film before I became influenced by image overload back in the day from Communication Arts and more recently the internet. I have filled my mind with too many images by others and hope to get back to seeing with my own eyes more in 2011.