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kristianne koch riddle photography
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[photography is] a yashika mat 124g & nikon 8008s film camera

All 4 above were taken with the Yashika Mat 124G with an 80 f/3.5. The next 4 were taken with my trusty 8008s and 50mm f/1.8 lens. The Nikon I took to Europe and had temporarily short out on me from being in a Schmetterling Haus and then again all the way to Raiatea and back in humid, tropical conditions without a problem.

I love the cameras that I took these images with. I’ve been shooting with both of them for 20 years and when I had to sell my Hasselblad to pay the rent, I used the yashika mat with a flash bracket and Nikon SB-28 to photograph weddings. It’s a great little twin-reflex medium format camera that has a built-in light meter. I love the portability and humbleness of it. I used FujiPro 400H here but am still hoping to try a slower film. I have a ton of 100 ASA 12o film left from the good ol’ days but it’s hit and miss with the quality.

These are the only images I took each time I broke the cameras out to shoot film. It took me about a month to use up both rolls and I love how it slowed me down-especially the manual focusing!! I don’t know why you would shoot film for a commercial job unless it was with a high-end medium or large format camera but then again I do love the beautiful color and feel of these images. Plus it’s always been hard for me to see film photographs in any other medium than the true photographic medium (ie: as a transparency or a silver gelatin print).