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kristianne koch riddle photography
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[photography is] a technical project

So here it is: the latest project I have been working on with Jim. This Thermador site is live and you can see all the other work he has done with the cooking videos: art direction, sound, color plus a whole lot more goes into a project like this. Lots of professionals working together to create something special. The ad agency that Jim works for is right here in Orange County.

The background still image is culled from 12 different images. Eleven of them I took. Scouting and shooting at dusk and dawn in several locations over the course of a few weeks. Then Jim and I did all the digital imaging to piece together the buildings so they stacked around the open kitchens to look like they are in the locations that were created from a stock image of NYC and an image I created using 8 images I took in Laguna Beach.