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[photography is] a major homecoming

I had the most amazing opportunity several weeks ago to capture a special event for one of my favorite clients. Amy had been home alone with her four daughters for seven months while her husband served time in Afghanistan. You can see the other sessions where I photographed her beautiful daughters at Trestles here and her entire family at Legoland here before her husband deployed overseas.

This project with her topped both the others for anticipation and emotion.

It was 11:30am on a chilly, moonlit night at Camp Pendelton and we all waited anxiously for the Thundering Third to arrive from Edwards Air Force Base. Amy was surrounded by her friends and daughters for hours as they all anticipated the sight of Major Farrell. The kids decorated balloons, ate cookies and tried their best to stay awake. Some time after midnight the buses arrived but we could still not see the troops. We watched their bags get unloaded and finally at about 2:00am they marched in formation down the road, Major Farrell at the lead.

Then finally, the moment of joy and bear hugs, kisses and tears and Dad was home safe in their arms.