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[photography is] the most amazing friendships

I have known my dearest friend Jeanine since back in the days of the CSULB Photography Department. She is the singular person who sparked the possibility of and my interest in fine art photography as a major and as a career choice. Years ago I introduced her to my other dear friend, Cindy, who I met when I was working as a Marketing Director for a commercial lab. She had cornrows and was full of unbridled energy. She was just getting into photography at the time I met her right before I took off to Polynesia with my now husband. I was lucky enough to reconnect with both friends after my 2 year trip and Cindy and Jeanine ended up photographing my wedding.

We did a gourmet camping trip together for my “bachelorette party” that I will never forget and continued to stay in touch over the years to follow. Jeanine and Cindy connected on various things including organic gardening. Cindy and I spent time surfing, hiking and talking about the business of fine art, documentary and commercial photography.

Then, out of the blue, Cindy was taken from us. Our caring, smart, vivacious and supportive friend was doing what she loved-spending time with her husband on Saturna Island in British Columbia where they owned a house together. On departure their float plane crashed into the ocean and there were only 2 survivors. To this day I choke when I think of calling Cindy about this or the other thing. She was always just there. There for everyone that knew her whenever they needed her.

Jeanine wrote this fantastic piece for Greater Long Beach and it brings tears to my eyes as I remember how lucky I am to have known Cindy and how lucky I am to have friends like her and Jeanine.