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[photography is] life

This is a great post by David DuChemin. Words we’ve all heard but it’s so true. Jim and I have lived our dreams before but we’re ready to live them with our kids now. We try to hold this philosophy on a daily basis-keep things simple, save for our dream and encourage play and creativity in Merrik, Maliea and others we know. But, it’s so important for all of us to remember:

“We’re all terminal folks. We’re all in the sniper scope. We’ve got less time that we think. For every ten people that email me and say, “I wish I could do what you’re doing. I wish I could follow my dreams, I wish, I wish…,” I wonder if even one moves forward. I hope so.”

At this point we talk about our dream on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. For those of you that don’t know, we want to take the kids sailing-around the world, to Mexico, to Polynesia, to Niue, Australia, New Zealand at least-and we are scraping and saving for this even as we live a wonderful, joyous, simple, family oriented life.

Insert kids here (’cause I’ll still be behind the camera):