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[photography is] a holiday mini session ~ san clemente family photographer

The more time I get to spend with big families, the more I realize how much I love to photograph them!! I had so much fun photographing this family for a holiday mini session that I can only imagine how much fun we would have together on a premium session.

Every family is unique and exhibits a completely different personality as a whole. I love this and I love the fact that every family is a completely new experience depending on everyone’s unique interactions, the ages of the kids and what they like to do together. I don’t have any formula for a family session. I like to go with the flow and let the play and reactions reveal themselves.

Mini sessions don’t give me as much time as a premium session to capture those special moments that show up when siblings and mom and dad spend simple, real and unrestrained time together, but they are fun for everyone nonetheless.


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    November 4, 2010

    These are really beautiful. I just love all your work, so beautiful.