kristianne koch riddle photography

[photography is] a father/son project

This is why I love my husband so much: Merrik and I have been ‘talking’ about making a boat out of his “Make it Work! SHIPS” book for several years now. Yes, I said YEARS! I even saved yogurt containers for the dredger and balsa wood for the sailboat forever. But then we never did get around to making anything.

Since it was raining today, dad and Merrik decided to finally make one of the boats out of this book. Jim took Merrik to the store and bought all the supplies: a liter water bottle, a yogurt container, waterproof tape and sealant, rubber stoppers, plastic hosing and metal washers for ballast.

Merrik had so much fun making this with his dad and dad made it all look so easy!! It’s amazing how Jim sets his sights on doing something and then when he does it, he does it really, really well.