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[photography is] a 20 year old Polaroid

I recently read an article in Forbes about the 20×24 Polariod Land Camera and was inspired to pull out my old Polaroid stuff. I used to shoot a lot of 4×5 and 6×6 polaroids for proofs before shooting film. They were the LCD screens of their day.

I picked up my SX-70 Land Camera and set it on the cabinet near my office. About 5 minutes later a Polaroid shot out the front. There was nothing on it but it made me curious so I held the camera at arm’s length since I have been in need of an updated portrait and took a shot. Out came another Polaroid. Three of the Polaroids that I shot processed with a little bit of the chemicals oozing out the back. There was actually an image! I couldn’t believe my eyes that a 20 year old pack of film inside this old Polaroid camera that I paid maybe twenty bucks for still worked!

Here are the results. I always thought Polaroids were expensive-too expensive for my blood-but now their REALLY expensive, and valuable.

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    RA Friedman

    December 13, 2010

    That’s amazing! Back in 2005 I did a bunch of Polaroid shots with type 42 roll film that had been frozen for about 30 years.