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[photography is] Granite Peaks Ranch

We had been talking about going to Granite Peaks Ranch, a private escape owned by Mike and Molly Gregoire, for some time. Molly is a passionate photographer and I loved the idea of spending time with her at her home away from home. She and her husband can only spend a few months a year there because in the winter time the roads to their property aren’t cleared.

The ranch is an amazing place. 580 acres of fun and adventure. There is a gorgeous river running through the entire length of the property and it was almost full enough to go rafting on. Merrik and Dad went fishing and even caught a wild Rainbow Trout right out front of the River House where we were staying.

There was a stable with 4 horses and a meadow that we walked out to on our first morning. We saw the horses off in the distance and sat and watched them graze; then the saw us. First ‘Blue’ came right up to us and then the others. Their friendliness startled me but Maliea was unfazed! They were obviously looking for food so they kept following us down the road as far as the cattle grate and took off running back to the barn.

Every evening we sat outside and breathed in the amazing light, stunning scenery and fresh air. Our house had a patio right on the river so the sounds were as good as the sights.

We did several hikes and discovered the natural beauty of Colorado along the way. One of the hikes took us to some renovated cabins on the property, across the river; one hike took us to a secret beach up the river aways; and yet another took us 800 feet above the valley to a spot deemed “at the top of the oak brush.” Along the way we saw wild turkey, Aspen groves, 4 different kinds of mushrooms, wildflowers and lots of wild berries.

Most days we just hung out at the river throwing rocks in and watching sticks float by. Jim stood patiently on a rock waiting for a bite and Merrik swam in the pool of water between waterfalls right in front of The River House.

One morning we even had a chance to hop on “Steady Eddie,” Molly’s sweet darling of a horse. Maliea was the first to ride and didn’t want to get off. Merrik was hesitant but once he saw Maliea having fun, he decided to give it a try.

Our visit to Granite Peaks Ranch was brief but filled with many great memories and we are hoping to return to enjoy this beautiful place again in the near future.


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    Michelle Heinrich

    May 11, 2011

    Gorgeous photographs! We were recently camping near the ranch (before it opened) and were struck by the beauty which you captured so well. This may seem a strange question, but did you notice any strange objects in the night sky whilst you were there?