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kristianne koch riddle photography
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[photography is] a road trip

We headed out on our RV trip early in the morning one Saturday in August. The first two days were spent driving the highway across California, Arizona a bit into New Mexico and up to Colorado. We really got a good sense of the West and Route 66. The movie Cars popped in our heads and we remarked at how excellent the art direction was in utilizing all the iconic signs of the Southwestern U.S.

We spent many hours entertaining ourselves (and the kids did quite a bit of nappin’) in the back of the motorhome. We made a few pit stops along the way in some of the smallest towns I’ve seen in a long time. The open space was refreshing and the light was inspiring-even from inside the RV.

These are our road-trippen views. With the kids along for the ride and 4 adults ready to reach our first key destination, Granite Peaks Ranch, I did a lot of “drive-by” shooting at 65 mph. I even have a new series inspired by this trip.

Our first night was in Williams, AZ where we stated at the Canyon Motel and RV Park. It was in the middle of 3 different railroad tracks and had motel rooms that were renovated railroad cars. We even watched the Grand Canyon Railway Train pull in from it’s long day up at the Canyon.

More to come as I process images from this fantastic family escape. Next up, Granite Peaks Ranch. The kids had a great time in the RV but Merrik said he did like sailing in Pelican better. The thing I noticed was that you have so much more room on a boat with the deck space to hang out on while underway and while at anchor. It was nice to not have the kids strapped in to their harnessed car seats and it was way better than flying, which used to be a fun way to travel but has turned into a nightmare no matter how you go.

I loved this down-to-earth vacation that wasn’t really roughing it but nowhere near a hold-my-hand-and-tell-me-and-my-kids-how-to-have-fun all-inclusive jobber.