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[photography is] a new adventure

We are heading out this week on a motorhome trip. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to go on a trip in a Winnebago. All my school friends would come back from summer vacation talking about their camping trip to Mexico or Lake Tahoe or across the country.

When I was growing up we mostly spent our vacations in nice hotels. Sleeping on our 27′ sailboat in Dana Point Harbor was the extent of my family’s camping experience.

In my 20s I broke out of the mold of most typical 20 somethings looking for the high life and spent years tromping around above tree line in the Sierra Nevada, Sangre de Cristos and Nevada de Toluca. I went ice climbing, traversed glaciers and summitted peaks via their vertical face. So my idea of camping then was to the other extreme.

Now I am finally getting that family style camping trip.

I am not as eager about going on a motorhome trip now as I was back then. I’d much rather be on the ocean. But, we are getting in a trip to the mountains, a ride on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, river running and a stay at a private 100 acre Colorado Ranch.

It’s going to be one new adventure after another and I can’t wait for this real-life, DiY, down-to-earth family vacay.