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[photography is] no photos

The biggest problem I have with hanging out in the surf with my kiddos is that I don’t get any pictures of us hanging out together in the ocean. I’ve tried the waterproof camera but I always end up preferring to not take it in with me-especially if I am swimming with both Merrik and Maliea. It’s enough to manage both of them in the ocean that I don’t need one more thing to hold on to and keep an eye on. So, what I get out of it is a fun and relaxing time playing with my kids and watching first hand their laughter, smiles and splashes as they jump over and dive under the waves. I can’t wait to get my camera housing out and get back in the ocean photographing them.

I did take a picture of them playing with my phone in the back of the car and the surprising line-up of wetsuits for the cold weather this summer. This is definitely an unusual and rather disappointing sight. Jim and I like to avoid the full suit as much as possible but have had to resort to wearing one too many times this year. [What do you think about our natural surf gear hanger?]

20100722family_0106beachrun 20100722family_0092beachrun_bw