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[photography] is life at the beach

The beach is our backyard. Well not literally since we live on the ‘inland’ side of the 5 by about 1/4 mile.

Since we are on the hillside in San Clemente, we don’t really have a backyard so the beach is our backyard. It’s where we’d rather be than our backyard anyway.

We love it there although I am not one who can sit at the beach for hours on end. Boring. I love to explore, dig, splash and someday hope to surf there again.

So, I notice a lot of garbage at the beach. It makes me sad. It’s like these people that come to visit someone’s home just leave their trash behind. I realize a lot of the little pieces of plastic are usually washed up at high tide after they’ve been floating around in the ocean once their journey down the storm drain has ended. But, I see people actually pick up all their towels, chairs, umbrellas, toys and shoes and leave their trash just sitting there, in the sand.

A couple of things can happen to that trash. It can either get picked up by someone else (heaven forbid you have to pick up someone else’s trash-but I do all the time and so do my kids) or it will wash out to sea to join the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I am no hero for picking up teeny tiny pieces of trash. It takes a minute of my time at the beach and since it’s been washed ashore it’s usually not all icky. Try it some time. You’ll see how simple it is and how beautiful the sand looks without all those multi-colored plastic pieces stuck in it.

20100618family_0035beachwithcam 20100618family_0033beachwithcam