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[life] is escaping illness

We finally had a respite from illness in the second day of our long weekend. Everyone was already on the mend when we left town but Maliea was still fighting something. It reared it’s head on Saturday when her breakfast came back up and then again on Sunday with severe stomach cramps and gas. Poor little thing slept 3 hours and woke up finally ready to take on the weekend in Coronado.

I definitely needed the break from screaming, clinging and vomiting. By the time Maliea was on the mend I was able to let go and enjoy the active weekend. On Sunday I actually got to work the foredeck on Pelican-a 38′ sloop that Jim and I know very well because we sailed her to French Polynesia together. Ever since Merrik was born I have been below decks tending to the kids. It was liberating to finally handle the lines and in 25+ knot winds it was invigorating!!


Merrik and Maliea love riding in the inflatable dinghy. We took it around the Cays to get to the pool. Maliea looks pretty tired here even before a good swim!


Dolphins in the Coronado Cays!


Mom escaping the kids for a few minutes on the paddleboard.20100531family_0210memorialday

Gramma trimming Maliea’s nails. Such drama!20100530family_0178memorialday

My crew in bed watching Star Wars.20100530family_0146memorialday

Merrik and Maliea’s cousin Jessica high side on Pelican.20100530family_0131memorialday_ts_bw 20100530family_0086memorialday

A short rest coming back from our bike and scooter ride to the beach.20100530family_0066memorialday_bw

Merrik climbs the steep wall to the gutter under the highway.20100530family_0060memorialday_bw

The traditional “measure yourself” under the highway.20100529family_0040memorialday

Gramma Grampa heading out to the Coronado Hospital Ball20100529family_0029memorialday_bw

Dad plucking a few tunes in low G and Merrik’s new best friend-JD the dog.20100529family_0011memorialday

Maliea ready to ride in style but still not quite herself.


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    June 5, 2010

    I Love the one of Grandparents under the awning…the stripes & their formal attire…it jumped out & I did a double take!!