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[photography] is evolving your craft

I finally had an opportunity to escape the responsibilities of home and spend a day learning new tools and techniques to improve my photography skills. It’s been 18 years since I have taken a course in photography for anything-lighting, technique, workflow. I came across the photography workshops offered by Zach and Jody Grey only a few months ago and was lucky enough to get the last seat in their In-Camera: Shooting & Post Workshop right here in Orange County.

Most workshops I’ve seen are either way out of my price range ($900+) or out of my circle of travel (Los Angeles, San Francisco). I am still not ready and willing to fly or drive all over the state, away from my family, to learn new things about photography. One bit of reassurance I received from the workshop was that everything they taught for workflow was exactly as I have already developed as my own workflow just by trial and error over the last year. It gives me a lot of confidence that I do know what I am doing and am editing, processing and archiving in a logical manner!

I am posting a few of my favorite images from the shoot session here. After a morning of instruction in which I picked up a fresh understanding of white balance and perfecting exposure, we headed out to try our ‘camera’ at capturing a perfectly lit, balanced and exposed image in-camera. It was easier and harder than a usual session: easier because the model held still and had incredible camera presence and harder because there were 9 other photographers at any one time jumping in front of you to get ‘their’ shot. To see more about the workshops visit Zach and Jody’s blog.


20091213kkpedu_092incameraworkshop 20091213kkpedu_080incameraworkshop_blog


20091213kkpedu_175incameraworkshop20091213kkpedu_236incameraworkshop_blog 20091213kkpedu_217incameraworkshop_blog

20091213kkpedu_323incameraworkshop 20091213kkpedu_263incameraworkshop

…and some of my most favorite images from the workshop hands-on session are the behind the scenes grabs I got…

20091213kkpedu_270incameraworkshop_blog 20091213kkpedu_231incameraworkshop_blog 20091213kkpedu_181incameraworkshop_blog 20091213kkpedu_170incameraworkshop_blog


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    December 20, 2009

    Just beautiful!

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    December 21, 2009

    Here’s me at the workshop http://www.grayphotograph.com/blog/?p=2315


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