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[life] is a Christmas tree

The kids are in awe of the Christmas tree. There is something amazing about a lavishly decorated and well lit tree that makes the house smell like you are in the woods. Merrik helped put ornaments on today and ended up loving them all in the same place. There is a little cluster of sailboats all at his level that just look like they are supposed to be there.

Maliea would just stand and wiggle and watch the tree and train for moments at a time. She always put back any ornaments she took off to look at and revered the tree as much as Merrik.

I wanted to capture both of them sitting in front of the tree just like an image I captured of the two of them last year. It’s an image that has landed itself in a magnetic frame on our fridge somehow. I don’t usually get around to putting photos in those things so they are usually empty for years. But this one made it in and I have fallen in love with it. Mostly I think because it is so hard to get them in a photo together where they both look half awake and happy.20081229_christmastreekids_collage01



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