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[life] is listening to the ocean

Today was a gorgeous day for the beach. After school Merrik played with some friends and we made plans with his friend Kole to meet down at Mariposa to go surfing. It was low tide and the air was warm. But, when we arrived we were greeted by the yellow contaminated water warning signs. So instead of being discouraged we moved down the beach to where the signs and possible runoff that was causing the contamination stopped.

Merrik and Kole decided to warm up for their session by playing in the water. While they were bodysurfing and jumping around Kole was stung by a stingray. Actually it looked more like a stabbing the way it left a hole in his foot. He was in utter pain and his dad took him home to settle him and put the wound in warm water. By the time Kole’s mom and sister, Merrik and I got to their house he was still in extreme pain. It seems it was just not our day to be in the ocean.

In all my hours at the beach I have never experienced or witnessed a stingray injury and didn’t know exactly what to do. I had no idea that you need to squeeze the blood out to flush the poison and keep the wound in warm water for an hour to ease the pain. However, the barb could still be inside so it’s always a good idea to have it checked at the hospital.

We are currently praying that Kole’s pain and bad experience in the ocean is quickly fading to a distant memory. Merrik is looking forward to getting back in the water soon with his friend.


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