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[life] is a family gathering

We ended up spending Thanksgiving with my family this year for a change. It’s been awhile because we usually go to Coronado or the local mountains with Jim’s family. It was an easy and relaxing day. I made wild rice with cranberries and toasted pecans and a cold cauliflower salad with capers that sounds gross but was delicious.

In the morning the kids and I met my sisters and mom down at the beach trail and went for a walk. Merrik loves his cousin Rose and they play so well together. He actually loves to play with all his cousins even though they are all much older than him. He really looks up to them-especially his cousin Cameron who he hasn’t stopped talking about since he saw him last December in Portland.

We all gathered at my mom’s house. My mom and dad are in the same house that we all grew up in. It’s always surreal going over there and spending time seeing all the same cracks in the sidewalk as when I was a little girl. I love it there. Everyone settles in comfortably before and after the meal. We enjoyed a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

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