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[life] is a spontaneous play date

We ended up meeting up at Doheny State Beach yesterday with my friends Gemina and Rebecca because we were all on Facebook at the same time and were able to coordinate. For some reason getting together always ends up working out this way because the best laid plans ya know…

I was a bit unsocial as Merrik kept asking me to take him far out with the surfboard. He caught a few really fun waves and is excited about being able to go fast through the water. I am finding myself photographing less and less at the beach because I am finally out in the water playing and surfing. I literally spent 5 minutes capturing some images of Merrik and the other kids playing along the shore. The light was great and it was nice to have a new setting.

Then Merrik and I shook off the sand and zipped off to the Serra Preschool Orientation. We made it by the skin of our teeth. It sure is hard to get Merrik out of the water.

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