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[life] another birthday (party)

Merrik turned four on May 2. Four! Four years go I had my first tiny babe in my arms. I had no worries about taking our little bundle home and was ready to hit motherhood head on. It’s really amazing because I could easily say that five years earlier I didn’t want kids. Jim and I set out for the Marquesas on the same date in 2000 and all I could think about then was a dream coming true sailing across the ocean with the man I loved. It sounds romantic but it was the farthest thing from it. The first passage was like being in prison with your lover. Sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion and no way to get off.

But we persisted and had an experienced unmatched by any other. On the passage north to Hawaii I had an epiphany and realized that I was one of those lucky people that was supposed to have kids. I decided that being surrounded by my own loving family with generations of family involvement a part of my life and because I already spent many years on wild, personal, satisfying adventures I felt I was ready to be the parent I wanted to be.

So here we are, two kids later and about as domestic as it gets. I know our landlocked life is setting up a good foundation for our family. I just don’t think putting on annual birthday parties is going to be a part of it. Once again I didn’t have enough time to take pictures the way I like and it whizzed by me in a blur. The whirlwind life rushing here and there just conflicts so many things that Jim and I believe in: most importantly to live simply both physically and financially.


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