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Monthly Archives

December 2008

  • a long time coming

    I finally rebuilt my office. I’ve been thinking about moving it to the other side of the house and getting new cabinets and desks…

  • 42 and counting

    Gasp, I turned 42 yesterday. I started the day at 5:30am processing images for Jim and his unreasonable deadline then I spent the day…

  • day after

    we had a beautiful but very cold day after Christmas and Merrik insisted on going in the ocean. So, Jim, Merrik and I headed…

  • happy holidays!

    Wishing all of you happy holidays and best wishes for abundance and joy in the new year.
    -jim, kristianne, merrik and maliea

  • where have the photos gone?

    I haven’t been able to shoot much lately. I’ve been kinda busy rebuilding my office, decorating the house for Christmas, having septoplasty and some…

  • snowbound

    We just returned from a trip to Portland to visit Jim’s niece, Holley and nephew, Cameron. Merrik had a blast playing with Cameron and…